Coming Soon: We Team Bake Sale

It's a Star Wars celebration!  No.  It's a Mother's Day gift opportunity!  No.  It's delicious treats to satisfy your cravings!  No.  It's a chance to donate to We Team's good deeds!  No.  IT'S ALL FOUR!  At lunch time on Wednesday May 4th, buy something for yourself, for your Mom, and know that your change goes to the good causes We Team supports.  And if you buy anything, MAY THE 4TH BE WITH YOU!

This is #MyLPSD

Check out this video and school profiles book to learn more about LPSD's 10 schools and the programming we offer!


 This is #MyLPSD



Making the Grade: The Border City's Public Schools

2015-16 School Calendar

Click the image to download the calendar.

Click the image to download the calendar.

Check out this year's school calendar to see early dismissal days, when the school is closed for holidays and more!

Sabre Shine

Just a sample of our talent at the Sabre Shine this year

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