Exploratories at ES Laird

Exploratories are a meaningful learning opportunities for Middle Years students. Exploratories provide them with the opportunities to explore a new skill or concept in a wide variety of topics and it extends relevant learning experiences beyond the classroom.

What are exploratories?

  • Three mornings a year are arranged for students to “explore” new topics and skills of interest.
  • Students learn new skills or concepts by “exploring” the unique qualities of the new topic/skill that they are not exposed to in the regular curricula. 

What need does it fulfill?

  • Exploratories provide students with an opportunity to step outside the regular curriculum to explore interests and develop skills in careers, the arts, sports, and wellness.

How is it done?

  • Teachers arrange a topic for students to explore. 
  • Teachers coordinate the activity which can be held at school or outside of the school.  Teachers invite community resources such as businesses, guest speakers, employers, etc. to work with their group of students and to provide the necessary information and/or skill development to the students.
  • Teachers advertise their exploratory by creating posters.
  • During advisory time, students sign up for their exploratory choice

Examples of Past Exploratories

Horse Back Riding



Drama Improv












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